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Find out how you can get more coverage for less money. We'll do your 3 Year Insurance Review and make sure you're getting the best coverage & the best price. My service is free to you and will not cost you anything. Text or Call me at:
This is your ONE TIME Golden Period to select any Medicare coverage without any medical exams.
You have 7 months, (3 months before your birthday, your birthday month and 3 months after your birthday) to select and change to any Medicare coverage you want. Even if you've already signed up for a Medicare Advantange plan you can still switch to the better coverage Plan G Medicare Supplement. Plan G enables you to select & visit any doctor, any specialist and any hosptial in the USA. No referrals are necessary. Just go! After your 7 month golden period you'll have to go through medical underwritting to change to Plan G.
I recommend Medicare Supplement Plan G because it puts YOU in control, rather than the doctors. Rates vary from different insurance companies. Give me a call to discuss your special rate.
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Medicare Explained on a Postcard
Are you looking for affordable burial insurance? Are you looking for affordable funeral insurance? Are you looking for affordable final expense insurance? Best burial insurance in California Best burial insurance in Texas Best burial insurance in Florida Best funeral insurance in California Best funeral insurance in Texas Best funeral insurance in Florida Best final expense insurance in California Best final expense insurance in Texas Best final expense insurance in Florida final expense insurance in California final expense insurance in Texas final expense insurance in Florida
Medicare Explained on a Postcard
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Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement?

Who do you want in charge of your health?

Medicare Advantage - A doctor controls which other doctors you can see & which hospital you can go to.

Medicare Supplement - YOU are in total control. You can see any doctor. You can go to any hospital. Need a specialist? No problem. Just go! You don't need a doctor referral. You can simply refer yourself.

Medicare Supplement - Traveling out of state or accross the country? No problem. You can visit any doctor and any hospital and you will be fully covered. No extra cost. No out-of-network expenses.

What are the prices?

What are the prices?

Medicare Advantage - The cheapest price
Normal plans are $0 monthly premiums.

Medicare Supplement - The best coverage
Normal plans range around $100 - $150 monthly premiums. Prices are based on your age, gender & zip code. Prices vary between insurance companies. While ALL Medicare Supplement Plan G packages have the same coverage, the prices do vary. Be sure to check all prices available to you. A $225/month premium has the same coverage as a $110/month premium. Be sure to price shop!

Wanna Date?

Wanna Date?

Medicare Advantage (Part C)
When can I change my Medicare Advantage Plan? Only during AEP (Annual Enrollment Period) which is between October 15th and December 7th. To switch to Original Medicare, contact your current plan, or call 1-800-MEDICARE.

Medicare Supplement
When can I change my Medicare Supplement Plan? Anytime during the year. You may have to go through medical underwriting.

Medicare Supplement - California Birthday Rule
You have 60 days from the first day of your birth month to change to another Medigap plan (Medicare Supplement) with the same level or a lower level of benefits. You can also change insurance carriers during this time. This is an updated birthday rule that took effect on January 1, 2020

Turning 65 - Choices, Choices, Choices! Woo Hoo!
This is your Golden time period. Known as the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP), you can enroll in either a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement Plan. The IEP begins 3 months before your birthday month, through your birthday month and another 3 months after your birthday month. 7 months total. You can switch between plans during that time. After this period if you make any changes to your coverage you may have to go through medical underwriting.

Medicare Part D - (Prescription Drug Plan)
Did You Know?
Whole Life - Did you know... If you have a $100,000 whole life policy with at $95,000 built up cash value that if you pass away the insurance company will only pay $5,000? Your beneficiaries will get the full $100,000 policy face value, but $95,000 will come from your built up cash value and the insurance company will only have to pay $5,000 from their pockets. Essentially, you're self-insured and the money comes from your long earned savings and the insurance company gets off only paying a small amount. Be sure to do your 3 Year Insurance Review so you know what kind of protection you really have.
Term Insurance - Did you know... You can probably sell your term life policy for cash? Instead of letting it go or letting it term out, check to see if you can sell it for cash. It's free to find out. Give us a call.
Medicare Supplement - Did you know... If you have a Medicare Supplement that you can go to virtually any doctor, any hospital and can self-refer yourself to any specialist? Unlike Medicare Advantage programs, a Medicare Supplement is good anywhere in the USA. So travel away and don't worry if you need medical assistance. Find out which Medicare Supplement is right for you. Give us a call.
Affordable Burial Insurance - Did you know... That not all final expense policies are created equal? Make sure you get the right coverage for the right price. Check your Bill of Rights. Give us a call & we'll help you. Get the best & most affordable burial insurance available. Burial Insurance is also referred to as Funeral Insurance and Final Expense Insurance.
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